Flourishing and developing Porvoo – Hometown for us all


Porvoo Social Democrats’ goal is to create a municipality for all of our dreams, a good place to live for everyone. We want to develop Porvoo socially, ecologically, economically and sustainably – together with residents and the people who work for our city. We want to create new and develop Porvoo, still mindful and respectful the city’s valuable history.

We will not promise things we cannot achieve. We will stick to the facts and researched knowledge, staying true to our vision of a social democratic world. Politics is about values, but also the ability to get the job done.

We promise to promote the following:

Functional Public Transportation

  • Getting around the city, improved bus services, convenient light traffic lanes, increased accessibility for our disabled citizens
  • Easy commuting – good connections to the Helsinki metropolitan area and more access to parking
  • Flowing safe traffic. If necessary, you can quickly get to the city center for work or business
  • Active lifestyle for everyone, investing in our outdoor recreational areas, renovating the Kokonniemi Sports Center

Sustainable Growth and Development

  • Developing Porvoo’s city center and marketplace, converting vacant lots, renovating heritage buildings and valuable real-estate
  • Develop our suburbs and surrounding villages – equitable distribution of municipal services
  • Secure housing for different lifestyles and family living – more affordable rental homes and seniorhousing
  • Caring for the environment – Achieving carbon-neutrality by 2030
  • Improved employment and vitality of our businesses – commerce and industry oriented services.Making Porvoo a good place to start or grow your business.
  • Continue fiscally sustainable, responsible and socially compassionate management of municipalfinances

Health and Well-being of Porvoo and its People

  • Caring for our residents in all stages of life, promoting health, well-being holistically
  • Easy access to both social care and healthcare, regardless of economic status
  • High-quality, responsive services for the elderly ensuring the right for autonomy and dignity
  • Improving the well-being of families, youth and children by investing in youth-employmentprograms, opportunities for recreation and hobbies.
  • Education first! Ensuring quality schooling for everyone, adequate support services, healthybuildings and facilities, smaller group sizes, zero tolerance for bullying and cooperation withfamilies to make a good environment for learning
  • Increasing the well-being and vitality of Porvoo’s citizens by ensuring accessibility to nature andculture for all
  • We value the people who provide our services. Safeguarding the well-being and competences ofthe city’s personnel